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Since 11 September 2001 the world has become aware that intentional damage can be caused by human acts on a hitherto unprecedented scale. As a result of the potential scale of the claim, the cumulative risk and any serial losses within a relatively short space of time, the limits to insurability have been reached or exceeded.

In devising a solution to insuring loss as a result of terrorism an attempt has been made to achieve a balance between the interests of the insured party on the one hand and the continuity of the insurance business on the other. This has resulted in a solution through which cover for terrorism (as the underlying cause of an insured event) can be maintained, albeit tied to a limit. The solution to insuring against terrorism takes the form of the Nederlandse Herverzekeringsmaatschappij voor Terrorismeschaden N.V. (NHT) (Netherlands reinsurance company for losses from terrorism) which allows the insurer to reinsure the risk of terrorism to a maximum per calendar year of € 1 billion euro for the entire insurance branch.


The dedicated reinsurance company for terrorism cover in the Netherlands, the Nederlandse Herverzekeringsmaatschappij voor Terrorismeschaden N.V. (NHT), was set up in May 2003. The shares of this company are 100% owned by ´Stichting NHT´, which was founded by the Verbond van Verzekeraars, the Dutch Association of Insurers.


More than 250 insurance companies participate in the NHT. This represents more than 93% of all companies that are active in the Netherlands (in terms of gross premium income). The NHT provides reinsurance cover to insurers.


The NHT operates in the wings: the handling of claims remains with the insurance companies and the insurance advisers. The NHT therefore has no direct contact with insured parties. The NHT has a coordinating and supervisory role in the settlement of insurers’ claims resulting from of terrorism.


To secure the link between cover in the policy and the reinsurance cover through the NHT, the insurer will limit the cover for the risk of terrorism in the policy to the maximum capacity of the NHT.


For insurance that relates to:

  • loss to real estate and/or the contents thereof;
  • consequential loss to real estate and/or the contents thereof;

a maximum of 75 million euros per year per insured party per insured location will be paid out under this contract for all participating insurers together, irrespective of the number of (Property and Business Interruption) policies issued. So this limitation is not applicable to other non-life, life, or healthcare policies.


For the application of this clause, the insured location is defined as: all the objects insured by the insured party present at the risk address as well as all objects insured by the insured party not located at the risk address whose use and/or purpose is related to the business activities at the risk address. As such, in any event, this includes all objects insured by the insured party which are located at less than 50 metres from each other and at least one of which is located at the risk address.


For insurance of the interests above this amount please get in touch with an insurer affiliated to the NHT.